Thursday, December 31, 2009 year, lots of new stuff...I need to keep up with this!

So, I have some things I need to accomplish, and hopefully I can keep on track. Here is the daunting list:

1. Declutter. We move in just about 3 months. I have all sorts of 'stuff' that I have no desire to take with us. The crap just needs to go.

2. I so need to lose a few pounds. I am hoping to get Tony to jump on board with me. He is generally good for a day or two before giving up. But for the health of both of us, we really need to lose some weight. Maybe I can get him out walking, and I am the one that goes grocery shopping...hee hee hee...more tomatoes and rice honey?

3. Housekeeping...enough said.

4. Budgeting. With our mortgage payment doubling, I need to cut some costs. At least until we sell our current house. I am already working on the food budget, but I can't go for the cheap processed junk. I wish the good stuff was cheap!

5. I need to update this blog more often...and post pics of the kids for my Dad. I keep telling him I will, but never do. Such a bad daughter. Ugh. The pic up top is for you...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the hell was she thinking?

My inlaws take the boys (and sometimes but very rarely the girl) every Saturday (something we sort of like, but wish it wasn't every Saturday...but more about that some other time) and take them to some sort of activity. For some reason, she decided she would take the boys to get their pictures taken with Santa. Today. Without their baby sister. Or their parents. Um, no.

"Oh look boys...we can go to this (Lighting the town Christmas tree), they will light the christmas tree and then Santa will come and you can get your picture taken with him!"


Me: "I don't think so...please think of a different activity, Tony will throw a fit!(I throw him under the bus as much as possible with his mother! Love you honey!)

MIL: "But why?"

ME: "Because that is our thing to do with them. It is our family tradition, and we would like to keep it!"

MIL: Very disturbed look on her face...

I know she is mad. But due to this every single Saturday activity with the boys, we never get to do anything with them. And this is our family tradition, generally we go get the picture, and then the tree. My inlaws always beat us to the punch on everything. But not today. It is so bad that the kids don't want to hang out with us anymore because we don't wine and dine them like their grandparents do. It is bad enough we are about to move in next door to them...I wish we lived further away!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...Jonathan and I ran out this morning bright and early to get a newspaper for the ads...I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow! I started Black Friday Shopping for the first time last year, I even brought Victoria with me, but this year the kids will be at home with Daddy! I know it is insane, but for some reason I love the chaos. And the thrill of actually finding a good deal. I have some presents to make, and fabric is cheap at JoAnns, so that is my first stop. Or maybe I might ransack the toy store first...who know!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who means everything to me. Without him I wouldn't be living my dream of being a Mother. And he is an incredible Dad. Love ya babe!

I am thankful for amazing boy with a heart bigger than anyone knows.
I am thankful for Jacob...he shows me some of the most intense love I have ever felt...and he is an incredible kisser.
I am thankful for Victoria...she has done something for me that I cannot even explain. She filled an emptiness in my heart that I didn't realize that I had.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why is he so miserable?

I am at a point of total frustration right now with Jacob. He is a miserable human being. The sun can shine out of his ass and there is still this big looming cloud hanging over his head. It isn't as though he is never happy...because life is wonderful when he isn't thinking of anything. He can be smiling, laughing, and all kissy face one minute, then you ask him a question about something and he puts on this horrid depressed face and says he like nothing, no one, and he is going to do nothing. What in the hell is wrong with this kid?

I know that Jacob has always had a 'struggling' personality. He is a spirited child to say the least. And he has been since day 1. They couldn't even keep him on CPAP in the NICU because he was screaming so hard and loud. He had severe colic with food allergies and severe tummy problems. He cried. And cried. And giggled. And giggled. And giggled some more. One of those great belly laughs that he still has. And then he cried some more. And now 4 years later, he still does the same thing.

It makes me sad to see him so sad. I wish I knew what to make him happy besides giving in to his every want and need. As long as you do every single thing he says, he will smile. If you don't do it right, or heaven forbid you say out. He is so smart and funny, and handsome and charming...and miserable. Anyone have any bright ideas of getting him out of his funk permanently?

I remember going through this with Jonathan, but it wasn't as intense. I could generally walk away from him and feel okay about it. I am struggling with walking away from Jakey. We went to Jo Ann fabrics today to pick out some material to make him a duvet cover. He is sleeping with a Sesame Street comforter that my grandfather bought him from a garage sale a few years ago, and although he doesn't complain, I think it is about time he gets a big boy one. He wanted pirates. Great, easy enough. He was incredibly picky about what was acceptable, but we finally did find 2 fabrics. We brought it up to the counter to be measured...and there wasn't enough. Of either. I thought we could pick out some cool skull fabrics and make a border (this would have solved the problem) and he just wouldn't have it. Refused to even look at any more fabric. He just walked away. I was heartbroken. The women in Jo Ann fabrics were heartbroken. How can a 4 year old boy make everyone feel so bad?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The truth behind stretchmarks...

Stretchmarks. Those lovely little marks that many women get from pregnancy. If you have ever been pregnant, or are pregnant, or are thinking of becoming pregnant, I am sure that you have had your fair share of advice about how to prevent these lovely little 'badges' of motherhood. Let me just tell you. It is all bullshit. Yes, that is right. Bullshit. Rub cocoa butter on your belly. I did it. Made my skin smell good, and helped with the itchies, but I still got stretchmarks. I was destined to have them. My mother had them. My grandmother had them. When I hit puberty and my boobs guessed it. I got stretchmarks. So take my genetic predisposition to them...and add about 35 inches to my waist. Sorry folks, there is no cream that could help me. No million dollar miracle in a bottle could help my skin...and I hate to tell you, it won't help yours either. The top picture of me is when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Jacob...I couldn't even button my large size maternity jeans. And that shirt, extra large.
32 Weeks pregnant...I think I measured about 40 weeks here. I was big.

And the day before I delivered Victoria...with a normal sized pregnant belly...but in all its glory!
I can't say I love my post-babies body. If I could have some plastic surgery I am sure I would take a little tummy tuck to remove the apron of extra skin I have been left with (I know, wonderful image I just gave you isn't it!) and pull everything taught. But I am okay with it. This body grew 3 babies, birthed them, and fed them. What is a little extra sagging skin here and there? I just wish I never would have wasted my money on the cream!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Some fun ideas to make for gifts:


felt-playhouse This is Victoria's 2nd Birthday present...I will begin work after we move
For the garden of the above playhouse:


I will be back with more ideas...including my own gift I am making for myself...a breastmilk pendant. So excited for that!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Could I actually get back into this?

So after popping off my strong opinion once again yesterday, and being shoved in my place once again (although I do feel as though my post was VERY valid) on another blog, I have decided to keep my opinions to myself, and just blog about them. I am finding myself getting into 'cyber-wars' with others. Not because they don't agree with me (although I will admit it drives me nuts) but mainly because they, like me, often see things one sided. And as we all know, there are 2 sides to everything. I am trying my hardest to look at both. All the time. Yes, I know, good luck to me.

So my first topic to spout off and TV. I generally don't let my kids watch much television. But a little here and there isn't bad. When there is no school...the television is on a good part of the day. And Victoria does watch TV. Otherwise I would get nothing done. Including this blog post. As I write this, they are sitting in front of the television watching a Leap Frog video. Yeah for me and letting the kids watch mind numbing television while I surf the Internet. The stellar parent award goes to me!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Man, this is tough!

So this blogging business is so much harder than I ever imagined. I cannot believe my friend Ellen does it DAILY! Granted it sort of goes along with her profession, I still don't see how she finds the time. I value my sleep too much to stay awake and blog at midnight. Man, she is a trooper.
So I made it to the gym today. Lets just say it has been awhile. I climbed on the eliptical and did the fit test. It was great. I spent 25 minutes on it, and I really had to push myself at the end because my body was T.I.R.E.D, but I thought I did wonderful. That is until the stupid machine told me I was in POOR shape. Gee, thanks for the reminder. I hope that in the next month I will move up in the eliptical world from 'poor' status to maybe middle class. Okay, maybe lower middle. I have been planning on getting back to the grind for the past few months, there is no reason I cannot make it there daily. We have a family memebership that includes FREE babysitting. I get an hour for Victoria, and 2 hours for the boys. When Victoria turns 1 I will get to leave her for 2 hours also. No excuse. I am just lazy. The stupid machine says so anyway.

I thought about posting my current weight up here, but decided against it. I will just post as the pounds come off, and maybe at some point do a before and after pic. Thats gutsy!

Victoria has finally cut her first tooth, and is working on a second. I am so excited that I can put her hair in pony tails too! Gosh that girl is cute! Jacob goes to the endochronologist at the end of this month, but he has grown a half inch in a month, so hopefully he has actually decided to start growing on his own. That would be WONDERFUL! Jonathan starts soccer in a few weeks, and I am ridiculously excited for some reason. It may be because the kid is a whiz with his feet, and I can't wait for him to learn how to use this natural talent that he seems to have. It must be the strong English blood he has running through his veins!

I am still trying to adjust to Tonys new schedule. This will take some time. We do however enjoy his 8 days off in a row, and luckily this month they fall on Spring Break. We are looking to take a road trip down to Maryland to see Tony's brother and his family. Jonathan has been talking pretty nonstop about his cousins, so we thought we would try to visit. It should be an interesting trip...a few thousand miles with 3 kids? Are we insane? I am looking forward to visiting D.C. with the kids, Jonathan is quite interested in history and 'Barack Obama' and Jacob thinks "Barack Obamama rocks". I feel like a little kid waiting for this trip, as I have not been in 15 years. I figure if I enjoyed it so much at 15 when I didn't give a shit about the government and history, I will really enjoy it now.

I am done talking about nothing...and will be posting some pics of the kids here soon. So if they aren't here when you are reading this, check back soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am changing the way I blog...

I just have way too much going on in life to be able to blog on a daily basis like I had planned. So now I am going to shoot for once a week...with some adorable shots of the kids, a blurb here and there about what is happening, and that is it. I can't keep up with my peers and their blogs, nor do I feel as though I have much that is interesting to say...I just don't get out much, and life really revolves around my kids. So hopefully this week I will get to posting some pictures, but for now this is what I have for the week. Here is one of my favorite WAHM's though...

Jenny's Simply Clean laundry detergent. Simply homemade. And simply lovely. I have never had better smelling laundry, or cleaner. And it is cheap. Check out the can pretty much sent your detergent to anything you want. I personally have tried a few...currently we have Vanilla, and I have Birthday Cake scented diaper pail freshner. Makes me want to eat the powder in the bag...and I have to say that I enjoy doing laundry. Besides...if this can remove what ever grime the boys find, it has to be good!

And just so you know...Jenny has no idea that I have put her on my blog...I get nothing for this besides the fact that I know I have shared an amazing product with you. Here is to good smelling laundry!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Autism vs. Vaccines

So, what is your take?

I was just reading my Mothering magazine ( ) and they have a great article in there about the actual cost of a child having autism. And they always have little blurbs about vaccines containing mercury and the autism link. It is a great should really check it out...but anyway...

We selectively vaccinate. We don't do it because of the autism fear, we do it because we think it is asking way too much of a 2 month old baby's body to handle the invasion of 5+ innoculations at one time. And I personally believe there is a link with autism and vaccines, along with a genetic predisposition. Put the two together, bad things happen. We started out with Jonathan wanting him to be fully vaccinated. Here I was, a young mom with a newborn that had all sorts of issues, the last thing I wanted was for him to get sick. And the things they tell you if you choose not to vaccinate...JEEZ! They make it seem like you are abusing your child for not sticking them with hundreds of needles! We were told we couldn't do certain vaccines due to a seizure risk...hhhhhmmmm. Talk about frightening! I just got my newborn to stop seizing, you tell me all the risks and harm that can happen to him if I don't vaccinate, and then you tell me "oh wait, we can't give him that one because it has the possible side effect of seizures" Thanks but no thanks. I started doing a bit more research and vaccinating him slowly.

Fast forward to second baby in the NICU. This trip wasn't nearly as bad as our trip with Jonathan, but I knew that I didn't want him poked and poked and poked some more. But once again, I felt a little bullied. And then with Jacobs GI issues and food allergies, and the fact that he had issues with constantly crying (why am I the only one that ever remembers this???) I was done with multiple shots on one visit. One at a time, that was it. I couldn't stand how hysterical he was after leaving the doctors...and he would draw it out, for weeks.

Fast forward some more...we have Victoria...she thankfully didn't go to the NICU. Healthy. We get to take her home. They want to stick her before we leave the hospital...WHAT??? She is 24 hours old and you want to do what? Oh, and the list for vaccines has increased. They now *need* the roto virus. So needless to say, if you or whomever is taking care of your child has fecal material on your or their hands and you don't wash them before sticking them in your infants mouth, they may get sick. But they have a vaccine to take care of that for you, so thankfully we can now skip hand washing after using the toilet. V is almost 9 months old, and she has had 2 vaccines. Actually, 2 shots in a series of 3. I am supposed to bring her in every few weeks to get all of hers done, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

My pediatrician secretly hates vaccines. He would kill me if I outed him, so I won't (your welcome Dr. D!) but he dislikes the flu vaccine (he doesn't get it for himself and doesn't recommend it) and thinks the chicken pox vaccine and the rotovirus vaccines are for convenience only. Just so your kid doesn't get sick and you have to take a week off work. Nice.

So what is your take on this whole thing? I would be interested to hear what parents that have children with autism think of the vaccines. Do you vaccinate? If you do, do you get them all at one time like the AAP suggests?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you say FACEBOOK?

I have to admit...I am a little embarrassed. I just got a facebook account.

The hubby and I were talking yesterday, and he asked if I had people who were in my life that I no longer talk to and if I ever wonder what happened to them. Uh, yes. Who doesn't? So I start Googling! And I find I join. I type in a random name from my past, and who would have thought that person knew a bunch of people that I used to know? We are talking people that shouldn't know must be a conspiracy or something. Ex-boyfriends for goodness sake! So there I am now of new obsession!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ever feel like a single parent?

First off...let me just say that single parents have it tough. I was once once (only because my husband spent almost 18 month in Iraq) with only one child. It isn't an experience I ever want to do again. The above picture is of him in Iraq. Look how skinny he was! But anyway...

Do you ever feel like a single parent although you are not? This is honestly how I generally feel. Not because my husband doesn't ever help me, but because he works, and he works a lot. Long hours, tons of overtime, just so that I can stay home with our children. It has always been a priority for us to have me stay home with our children, especially after Jonathan. Who would take him to all his appointments? What about therapy? That in itself was a full time job. Anyway, Tony does work his fingers to the bone, it is a sacrifice. But one that does have its price. I generally have to do everything alone. Kids appointments, just me. Getting all three kids and myself out the door at 7:30 am Monday thru Friday, all me. Grocery shopping, laundry (although he really isn't allowed to do choice) 90% of the housework, along with all the cooking, bathing, dressing, teaching, butt wiping, diaperchanging duties. It is me. I do feel like a single parent. He tries, but he can only do so much with his schedule. Until now...

HE IS HOME THIS MORNING! His schedule at work has FINALLY changed, and I have a little help. He was telling me this morning what he would like to accomplish today, and it includes heloping me! We are doing some spring cleaning! He is dropping Jonathan off at the bus stop! I will get to go grocery shopping today! I now have a partner in crime again! (he did used to have this schedule...until he changed employers...he is a power plant engineer and had to start over at the bottom...YUCK!)

So this is for all you single parents out there! I feel your pain! Now all you non-singles that feel that do YOU do it???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Heart Faces...BW photography

Man I gotta learn how to do this friend Ellen ( has this on her blog today. I thought it would be fun, especially since I am really interested in photography and I love taking pictures of my kids. I just ordered my new DSLR camera, and I can't wait for it to come so I can start experimenting! There is a little contest I guess that happens every week, so go check it out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jakey is finally going to the Endo...

Ugh. There, I said it.

Jacob is small...he actually stopped growing for awhile, and on average only grows about an inch a year. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the boy is 3 1/2. He stretches to an amazing 35 inches. He is, on average, the size of a 2 year old. I have in recent weeks seen 20 month old children bigger than he is. It is frightening to see a child who speaks baby talk to be taller than your child that speaks in complete sentences and has done so for quite some time. He still has the round baby face, and the baby buda belly. My poor boy. I am so scared of the testing...and what about what they will find??? Will I have to give him daily injections of growth hormones (he has had one test at the age of 2 that showed low levels). Can you imagine giving your child a daily injection? Or if you do actually have to give an injection to your child, how do you do it without breaking down in tears every single day???

Thank goodness he has a larger than life personality. I hope someone is out there reading this that has been there done that...I know things can be worse...hell, I have gone through worse. Being told your newborn will never walk or talk was probably the worst thing I have ever experienced, but that is done and over. Jonathan is fine. I still get sad when I think of him and what he has overcome. But that is just it, he has overcome it. I don't have to think of it on a daily basis. Jakey on the other hand...if we do the injections...oh yucky. I am so not looking forward to this appointment.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How do we get rid of the sickies???

We have a sick house. Nothing terrible, just the constant cold be transferred from person to person. We did really well until about January, and since then we haven't been able to kick the sickies totally out of our house. Jonathan generally brings it home from school, or whatever function he may be going to. Birthday parties seem to really do him in...he has yet to go to one and not be sick 2 days later. Jacob, my dear boy Jacob, couldn't keep himself healthy if you paid him. He has a nose-picking habit that we are so desperately trying to break. His finger is CONSTANTLY up his nose. Even in his sleep...seriously. And poor Victoria is a victim of her brothers love...they like to smother her, and then transfer their germies. Lovely. Thank goodness I breastfeed! Who knows how sick she might be if I wasn't a nursing mother!

Currently I am working on sanitizing the house. They take their vitamins, and get probiotics along with some immune support supplements. What else can I do???

What do YOU do to keep the sickies at bay? Or what do YOU do to let them know they have overstayed their welcome and they need to leave? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How can something so sweet and innocent looking be driving me mental? That there is my beautiful baby girl. She is happy in that picture, but hasn't been so happy lately. And sleep, forget it. Maybe this is why she isn't so happy...or maybe why I am not so happy. Victoria has taken a liking to screaming at night. Loudly. I can't figure out quite why. She is teething, but she will still scream even loaded up with tylenol or motrin. Just not as much. But it is strange...she will nurse, fall asleep, and then wake in about 30 minutes bitching to move to the other side, or better yet, to lay on my chest. Even if there is still PLENTY of milk left on whatever side she is on, she doesn't want it. I must admit that I do love to have her sleeping on my chest. The boys gave up that habit at about 3 she is at 8 monthsand still loving it. She still melts into me, and to sit and smell that baby smell (Tony thinks I am weird that I like to smell my kids!) as you sleep...there is nothing like it. More than 30 minutes of sleep at a time would be nice though.

So I am off with my tired self today to brave the Science Museum of Boston with my mother. I told myself that I wasn't going to do anything like this since it is February vacation week, but the kids are getting naughty and it is because they are bored. I would send them to a friends to play, but some are away, and whenever Jonathan visits anyone he seems to get sick. So dear ol' unemployed nurse mom will be at my side braving the crowds with me. She has no clue what she is getting into!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, um, after a 2 week hiatus, I am back! Not exactly sure what I was doing for those two weeks, but none the less, here I am! I have a lot to say, and a lot to share, so lets get this week started (who cares if I start my week on Wednesday!?!?!) with a giveaway!

Ever heard of the band Milkshake? If you have children, have watched PBS or Noggin, you have likely heard of them. Anyway, they are a GREAT childrens band, and maybe a good Mom band too...I must admit that I generally go around singing whatever my kids are listening to. At the moment, it is Milkshake. We will do it this way:
1. Leave me a comment and you will be entered.
2. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog, which you will then link my blog to yours telling people about this lovely giveaway and you will be entered twice.

Sound good? Do you wanna know what you are playing for??? The first thing is a Milkshake "Play" CD. And then the bonus DVD called "Screen Play" which is some if not all of their music videos.

So, lets get it started! Jacob will draw a name out of a hat next Wednesday February 25th.

This week will hopefully be full of posts. I have so much on my mind, plus some lovely WAHM products to tell you about, some craft chat, favorite recipes, vacations, and who knows what else!

Good luck to all that enter!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still using the tab button...

Still tabbing away here! UGH! Found out yesterday though that it is a problem with the operating system. Thanks gateway! So now they are sending me a disc that will erase my computer and start new again. Yipee. So 3-8 business days from now I should be able to manage my way around the web again. Tabbing stinks. Sometimes it won't go where you want it, or if it hits an ad and it expands forget it, you are sitting there on that ad. Blah. So until then...I am off to enjoy cleaning or something. Oh and the house thing...there has been a setback, but hopefully we will be on the move again soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh someone please help me!!!!!!!!

Victoria is on the move...and fast! She isn't officially 'crawling' but she rolls, scoots, spins...I am not ready for this! I would post pictures, but currently our mouse is broken...mysteriously overnight! So I have to tab through everything, and I am not doing so to post pictures! It is frustrating!

The easy thing would be to go purchase a new mouse...but we just got it. It is still under warranty. Besides, I haven't broken my challenge to myself of not spending any money this month besides on food and gas. Tony informed me we are out of paper towels...too bad honey, it isn't February 1st yet! Lets just hope that we don't run out of toilet paper this week! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

We did it...we signed our lives away!

We are now officially building a house! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! For those of you that know, I am living in an 1100 square foot lovely little house right now with a family of 5, and a dog. We have no closets, and poor Victoria doesn't even have a real bedroom, let alone bed. We have no where to put anything. The boys room is fairly organized, but they also have 6 huge boxes of toys in the basement...some of which will be getting donated. This is a VERY cute little house, if it were just Tony and I, it would be perfect. Even if we just had one kid it would be perfect. But not with three. It is a big open floor plan, can be all first floor living...or has potential to be blown out upstairs for additional bedrooms and bathrooms...we have a HUGE yard, just under 2 acres, and a pond. Very private backyard also...lots of trees, tons of wildlife. Passed Title V...yep, I am advertising. It may be a little early, but we will be putting it on the market...or renting. So if you are looking, or know someone who is looking for a cute little house to rent or buy, send them our way!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life is busy...

I tell you...I don't know how working moms do it. Trying to get myself and 3 kids ready and out the door in the morning to get 2 of them off to school is hard, and then I have to feed them, and somehow manage to get laundry and such done...and then dinner on the table at 5 (this is what we shoot for) so that we can get the kids in bed around 6ish...yes, 6ish. Our children turn into werewolves after dark. Not so much if they are in jammies tucked into their beds with their eyes maybe it is Tony and I that turn into the werewolves...I don't know! We are so burnt out by then we are ready for bed ourselves...this was actually me last night. But with a 7 month old who is teething, a 3 year old that is still scared of 'eaters and poppers' and the occasional 6 year old nightmare sleep seems to still be in short supply around here. GGGRRRR!

On to the good stuff...I am going to try to get back to this daily again. It has been tough with everything going on around here. I think I have almost 3000 emails in my inbox...I have a lot of catching up to do! I am also going to be joining in on the contest/giveaway bandwagon. It is a surprise to come...but it is for the kiddos. Hoping to get more traffic too! Boring old me needs some more blogging friends and lives that I can intrude on!

One more thing...anyone ever build a house? How did you not kill your husband? I am going to need some good advice!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So I was at home yesterday working on my forever to-do list, and I started to not feel so wonderful. It started with just itching...which isn't abnormal for me, especially in the winter. Soon I was feeling incredibly hot, almost like I had just sat in the blaring sun for 8 hours hot, and my skin started to feel as though someone was piercing it with tiny needles (think tattoo) so I looked in the mirror, and this is what I saw:

EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK! The rash and the strange needle sensation actually traveled all the way down my body. I was also feeling dizzy, and as though someone was cupping my ears and my world was closing in. Oh shit! So I called my mother to come over and get the kids as I was sure that 911 would be getting a call from me any minute. I could feel my face swelling, and I knew that the feeling in my ears was a danger sign of a severe allergic reaction to something. Plus I was now feeling the needles all the way down to my fingertips, and it was starting in on my legs. I have pictures of my entire body, but I will spare you the almost nude shots! I took some Benadryl thanks to my mother reminding me that I do have some power to stop whatever was overtaking my body, and it helped. The next picture shows me about 20 minutes after the Benadryl:

Thankfully I returned to to figure out what caused it! Due to the severity of the reaction and the time it took to cover my entire body (about 5 minutes from the start I felt it in my toes) I may go see an allergist. I have been meaning to anyway due to my skin issues, so this may actually speed the process.
On to my to do list...a pile of laundry, along with a load of diapers (I should have done these last night...Victoria only has one fitted to wear at the moment!) and clean the kitchen. Oh, and it is trash day...and we are having loads of rain and sleet right now...such fun. I can't wait to take the trash and recycling out!
Glad to be feeling normal again! Have a good day all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What gives you nightmares???

I am writing this random post because Tony and I have been up the past 2 weeks or so with a petrified 3 year old...seems there are 'eaters' and 'poppers' that have been going to get him. What these mysterious scary things are, I have no idea. Jacob cannot describe them, in fact he thinks it is strange that we cannot see them. Either that or he deserves to win an Academy Award (which is entirely possible). He has been fighting us at bedtime, screaming about the 'eaters' first...they are coming to get him starting with his toes, they little beings scurring around the carpet waiting for us to leave and turn the lights out so they can go eat him. Wowzers! And then there are the 'poppers'. Same sort of thing, little beings, but they are going to pop his bed up, and pop him, not eat him. Last night it was actually so bad that by 3 am Tony put Jacob in our bed and slept on the couch. Jonathan has the occasional nightmare, but it is generally about Darth Vader or something of the like. Nothing like 'eaters' or 'poppers'. But Jacob has an incredible imagination. One like I have never seen before...

I have nightmares now about something happening to my family...more of possible reality dreams. The Jacob Wetterling story still gets me on occasion I think of this kid quite regularly. I remember this news story quite vividly, and having nightmares that the same would happen to me. I now have nightmares that the same will happen to one of my children. I don't even want to write about it. It just makes me sick. I cannot imagine losing a child and not actually knowing what happened or really where they are.

Tony has nightmares about Iraq...I don't ask for details.

So, what wakes you up at night? What wakes your kids? And if anyone has any ideas how to rid Jacobs mind of the 'eaters' and 'poppers' please let me know! We have tried the nightlight and the boogeyman spray! He doesn't fall for it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I did it!

I just need to put new sheets on the beds and vacuum! All done in 1 day! Yipee! We are thinking the six giant boxes in the basement that are filled with toys will find their way to a garage sale or craigslist. Just don't tell the boys! The boxes have been in the basement for 7 months now, and they are not missing them! Never once asked about em' even!
I also didn't spend any I kept on my no purchases in January unless it is groceries and gas! We have plenty of storage stuff in the basement, like the bins. But because we were moving, I took everything out of their room! We are still moving, just not for at least 6 months...ugh.

My largest project...the boys room.

So here are the pictures that have been promised...I am hiding under my chair right now. We have been in the process of moving for oh I don't know...3 + years! So I have chosen not to do much with their bedroom...but all of this is changing. I cannot stand this mess. I can't stand the disorganization. THIS MAKES ME MENTAL! I am hoping that Tony will help me with this today. We want to get Jacobs GeoTrax set up on the bench seat would think there was storage under there. There isn't. It is the ceiling to our bedroom. Hopefully I will get to post more pictures tonight of how clean and organized it is...or maybe later this week. I have a list a mile long today.
Here is my food diary from yesterday:
2 trader joes wheat free waffles with cranberry apple butter
1 pear
Spinach salad with tomatoes, orange peppers, red onion and shredded BBQ chicken that I made for Tony's sandwiches.
Cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips (I can't let them go to waste!)
Some sort of spicy indian dish with chickpeas, coconut rice and steamed sugar snap peas
2 trader joes chocolate covered bananas...these are actually low in calories...and I did need 2 for some reason.
Okay, I didn't do so well.

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's January 2nd people!

So yesterday was a bust...I didn't get done what I wanted to, and I sat and ate cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips (mmmmmmm so yummy!) for dinner. I was just too lazy to make anything. Today I will try harder.

I kicked Tony out of bed this morning to get Jacob at 5 a.m. He needed to get up anyway, and I really didn't want to answer to "MMMMMMMMMooooooooommmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy" yet. Jacob needed to pee, and who is a better candidate to take him but his father...after all they have the same parts and maybe they can pee together. Jacob likes that. So I pretended to be nursing Victoria. Hee Hee! Bad wife! I was just nursing her though...but she was fast asleep at my side by the time Jacob awoke. I did however get up about 5 minutes later to make Tony his lunch, and send him out the door with a breakfast sandwich. I would have made him coffee, but all of his coffee mugs are in his locker at work. Fantastic place for them! So he will be breaking our challenge of not spending any money besides on groceries or gas for the month. I think that makes up for me kicking him out of bed!

My to do list for the day:

1. Not eat the other half of the bag of cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips...this will be tough...but maybe I will turn this into a food journal too...I would hate for everyone to see what I eat all day long!

2. Finish laundry...and put it away.

3. Clean up my disgusting kitchen.

4. Go to the dump to rid kitchen of all the recycling.

That is enough for today. I will start the food journal tomorrow all will help me rid this 20 lbs fast!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So after taking a few days off...I am back due to popular demand. Well, maybe not popular, but I have had a few comments asking me when I will resume my blog. So here I am!

2008 was good to us, and I have dreams that 2009 will be even better. I have set a few goals for myself, and here they are:

1. Become more is hard living in a 1100 square foot home with a family of 5 and a dog. But I know I can do it. I have to do it. I am very anal retentive about things, and I am miserable with everything is out of order, like NOW!

2. Be a better Mom and Wife. These are things I think we all work on. We can always be a better mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, whatever. Hopefully my organizational skills will assist in this!

3. De-clutter. This has been something I have been working on for the past year. I have a tendency to hold on to things...crap actually. I need to be better at looking at things and deciding if I really need it. My organizational skills (which I really do have) will come in handy here too!

4. Stop Shopping. I admit it. I LOVE retail therapy. I love to recieve packages. I love to spend money. Generally it is the thrill of finding a 'good deal', as I am just not one to pay full retail price for anything, but it has to stop. I am challenging myself not to purchase anything but groceries and gasoline. No more trips to Target or the mall.

5. Lose 20 lbs. I look good. I am back to my pre-Victoria weight. But I do the Wii Fit, and it states that I am overweight. Which I am...there are a few pounds in the middle that could go. I took 20 lbs off my Mii, and it put me at a really healthy BMI, so off the weight will come. Hopefully with that I will also get to rid myself of my blood pressure medication. Or at least cut further back on it.

6. Eat better. I have a sugar problem. I CRAVE sugar. Part of it is because of my restricted diet due to Victorias food sensitivities, the other part is that I just love sweets. I need to detox a bit I think, and give up the sugar...or most of it. Like the 3 lb bag of Sweedish Fish that only takes me 3 days to eat...yuck!

That is it for now...what are your New Years Resolutions? The above are not just resolutions for me, it is a total new way of life. These are the nagging things that drive me mental (I know, short trip) and that I have total control over changing.

Does anyone have an organizational skills to share? Please do! I need them desperately! Tasty recipes? Please share! Anyone want to join in my crusade and be held accountable? PLEASE join me...I promise to post pictures of my slimming down, my clean house, my cute and happy kids, and maybe the occasional hubby pic.

Also, please forward to me any blogs or websites that you think might help me with my list!