Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, um, after a 2 week hiatus, I am back! Not exactly sure what I was doing for those two weeks, but none the less, here I am! I have a lot to say, and a lot to share, so lets get this week started (who cares if I start my week on Wednesday!?!?!) with a giveaway!

Ever heard of the band Milkshake? If you have children, have watched PBS or Noggin, you have likely heard of them. Anyway, they are a GREAT childrens band, and maybe a good Mom band too...I must admit that I generally go around singing whatever my kids are listening to. At the moment, it is Milkshake. We will do it this way:
1. Leave me a comment and you will be entered.
2. Leave me a comment with a link to your blog, which you will then link my blog to yours telling people about this lovely giveaway and you will be entered twice.

Sound good? Do you wanna know what you are playing for??? The first thing is a Milkshake "Play" CD. And then the bonus DVD called "Screen Play" which is some if not all of their music videos.

So, lets get it started! Jacob will draw a name out of a hat next Wednesday February 25th.

This week will hopefully be full of posts. I have so much on my mind, plus some lovely WAHM products to tell you about, some craft chat, favorite recipes, vacations, and who knows what else!

Good luck to all that enter!

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Bridget said...

OK, have me intrigued. I have one child, but alas have never heard of the band Milkshake. I'll have to peek on Amazon and see if I can hear a bit. How did the museum go?