Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What gives you nightmares???

I am writing this random post because Tony and I have been up the past 2 weeks or so with a petrified 3 year old...seems there are 'eaters' and 'poppers' that have been going to get him. What these mysterious scary things are, I have no idea. Jacob cannot describe them, in fact he thinks it is strange that we cannot see them. Either that or he deserves to win an Academy Award (which is entirely possible). He has been fighting us at bedtime, screaming about the 'eaters' first...they are coming to get him starting with his toes, they little beings scurring around the carpet waiting for us to leave and turn the lights out so they can go eat him. Wowzers! And then there are the 'poppers'. Same sort of thing, little beings, but they are going to pop his bed up, and pop him, not eat him. Last night it was actually so bad that by 3 am Tony put Jacob in our bed and slept on the couch. Jonathan has the occasional nightmare, but it is generally about Darth Vader or something of the like. Nothing like 'eaters' or 'poppers'. But Jacob has an incredible imagination. One like I have never seen before...

I have nightmares now about something happening to my family...more of possible reality dreams. The Jacob Wetterling story still gets me on occasion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Wetterling I think of this kid quite regularly. I remember this news story quite vividly, and having nightmares that the same would happen to me. I now have nightmares that the same will happen to one of my children. I don't even want to write about it. It just makes me sick. I cannot imagine losing a child and not actually knowing what happened or really where they are.

Tony has nightmares about Iraq...I don't ask for details.

So, what wakes you up at night? What wakes your kids? And if anyone has any ideas how to rid Jacobs mind of the 'eaters' and 'poppers' please let me know! We have tried the nightlight and the boogeyman spray! He doesn't fall for it!


wildeyes said...

i have one recurring dream. i haven't had it in a few years, but eeek. usually i just toss and turn and its like my mind doesnt want to turn of.

Ellen said...

Hi. Sorry, I am catching up on posts.... I am sorry about Jacob, I think it's kind of normal for kids to go through this stage. My kids don't wake up at night usually. I fall into such a deep, exhausted sleep that I don't even remember my dreams much anymore. Sometimes, I have work-stress nightmares, things like not getting stuff done in time. Or being chased by a giant computer. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I have had nightmares and some night-time paranoia for as long as I can remember, I have just gotten better at dealing with it as I got older. Some strategies which helped me are having our cat in the room (not always an option I know!), having a 'night-light', imagining situations which help me get to sleep (I have a great imagination too! If this is the problem try getting them to create a new scenario in their head, it takes a bit of practice, but after a while you can make such vivid images in your head that they block out any bad thoughts), meditation, reading before bed, etc

Hope you find something that works for you!