Saturday, January 3, 2009

I did it!

I just need to put new sheets on the beds and vacuum! All done in 1 day! Yipee! We are thinking the six giant boxes in the basement that are filled with toys will find their way to a garage sale or craigslist. Just don't tell the boys! The boxes have been in the basement for 7 months now, and they are not missing them! Never once asked about em' even!
I also didn't spend any I kept on my no purchases in January unless it is groceries and gas! We have plenty of storage stuff in the basement, like the bins. But because we were moving, I took everything out of their room! We are still moving, just not for at least 6 months...ugh.


wildeyes said...

looks great mama!!!

Ellen said...

Congratulations on the extreme bedroom makeovers! Now, can you come help me?