Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the hell was she thinking?

My inlaws take the boys (and sometimes but very rarely the girl) every Saturday (something we sort of like, but wish it wasn't every Saturday...but more about that some other time) and take them to some sort of activity. For some reason, she decided she would take the boys to get their pictures taken with Santa. Today. Without their baby sister. Or their parents. Um, no.

"Oh look boys...we can go to this (Lighting the town Christmas tree), they will light the christmas tree and then Santa will come and you can get your picture taken with him!"


Me: "I don't think so...please think of a different activity, Tony will throw a fit!(I throw him under the bus as much as possible with his mother! Love you honey!)

MIL: "But why?"

ME: "Because that is our thing to do with them. It is our family tradition, and we would like to keep it!"

MIL: Very disturbed look on her face...

I know she is mad. But due to this every single Saturday activity with the boys, we never get to do anything with them. And this is our family tradition, generally we go get the picture, and then the tree. My inlaws always beat us to the punch on everything. But not today. It is so bad that the kids don't want to hang out with us anymore because we don't wine and dine them like their grandparents do. It is bad enough we are about to move in next door to them...I wish we lived further away!

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Stephanie said...

Way to go for sticking up for your family!! You have to keep some things for yourself!!