Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jakey is finally going to the Endo...

Ugh. There, I said it.

Jacob is small...he actually stopped growing for awhile, and on average only grows about an inch a year. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the boy is 3 1/2. He stretches to an amazing 35 inches. He is, on average, the size of a 2 year old. I have in recent weeks seen 20 month old children bigger than he is. It is frightening to see a child who speaks baby talk to be taller than your child that speaks in complete sentences and has done so for quite some time. He still has the round baby face, and the baby buda belly. My poor boy. I am so scared of the testing...and what about what they will find??? Will I have to give him daily injections of growth hormones (he has had one test at the age of 2 that showed low levels). Can you imagine giving your child a daily injection? Or if you do actually have to give an injection to your child, how do you do it without breaking down in tears every single day???

Thank goodness he has a larger than life personality. I hope someone is out there reading this that has been there done that...I know things can be worse...hell, I have gone through worse. Being told your newborn will never walk or talk was probably the worst thing I have ever experienced, but that is done and over. Jonathan is fine. I still get sad when I think of him and what he has overcome. But that is just it, he has overcome it. I don't have to think of it on a daily basis. Jakey on the other hand...if we do the injections...oh yucky. I am so not looking forward to this appointment.


Stephanie said...

Hey Hon,
I don't know how I found your blog, but your on my reader. My best friend Melanie's son has growth hormone deficiency. Her blog is smellyann.typepad.com. Tell her Stephanie sent you. She can answer your questions about what you're going through. I hope that your little man doesn't need the shots, BUT, if he does, that they work for him. My friend's son has grown quite a bit with his & it's really not AS bad as it seems once you've been doing it for a while. Good Luck!

Ellen said...

Eesh. Like you needed any more medical drama. I hope that he doesn't need the growth hormones. But if he does, worst-case scenario, you know you will deal. I have to stab myself in the stomach daily with Sabrina, when I was put on blood-thinning medication. After a week or so I was like, another day, another needle, it just becomes a part of your life.

Jacob is SOOOO cute!!!! All of your kids have the best cheeks!