Friday, January 2, 2009

It's January 2nd people!

So yesterday was a bust...I didn't get done what I wanted to, and I sat and ate cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips (mmmmmmm so yummy!) for dinner. I was just too lazy to make anything. Today I will try harder.

I kicked Tony out of bed this morning to get Jacob at 5 a.m. He needed to get up anyway, and I really didn't want to answer to "MMMMMMMMMooooooooommmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy" yet. Jacob needed to pee, and who is a better candidate to take him but his father...after all they have the same parts and maybe they can pee together. Jacob likes that. So I pretended to be nursing Victoria. Hee Hee! Bad wife! I was just nursing her though...but she was fast asleep at my side by the time Jacob awoke. I did however get up about 5 minutes later to make Tony his lunch, and send him out the door with a breakfast sandwich. I would have made him coffee, but all of his coffee mugs are in his locker at work. Fantastic place for them! So he will be breaking our challenge of not spending any money besides on groceries or gas for the month. I think that makes up for me kicking him out of bed!

My to do list for the day:

1. Not eat the other half of the bag of cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips...this will be tough...but maybe I will turn this into a food journal too...I would hate for everyone to see what I eat all day long!

2. Finish laundry...and put it away.

3. Clean up my disgusting kitchen.

4. Go to the dump to rid kitchen of all the recycling.

That is enough for today. I will start the food journal tomorrow all will help me rid this 20 lbs fast!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like some good goals! Good luck on the food journal thing, I don't think I could list EVERYTHING I eat on my blog! Hope you have a better day!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...those chips sure do sound good! I'm never any help on not eating certain things since I, too, tend to eat everything in sight! Good luck on your list today. Nice and small...but you said your place is worse than mine...I demand pictures!!