Thursday, December 31, 2009 year, lots of new stuff...I need to keep up with this!

So, I have some things I need to accomplish, and hopefully I can keep on track. Here is the daunting list:

1. Declutter. We move in just about 3 months. I have all sorts of 'stuff' that I have no desire to take with us. The crap just needs to go.

2. I so need to lose a few pounds. I am hoping to get Tony to jump on board with me. He is generally good for a day or two before giving up. But for the health of both of us, we really need to lose some weight. Maybe I can get him out walking, and I am the one that goes grocery shopping...hee hee hee...more tomatoes and rice honey?

3. Housekeeping...enough said.

4. Budgeting. With our mortgage payment doubling, I need to cut some costs. At least until we sell our current house. I am already working on the food budget, but I can't go for the cheap processed junk. I wish the good stuff was cheap!

5. I need to update this blog more often...and post pics of the kids for my Dad. I keep telling him I will, but never do. Such a bad daughter. Ugh. The pic up top is for you...


The Henrys said...

Hello, I took a quick peek at your blog. I will be back when I have more time!

Stephaine said...

I think your "to dos" are about the same as mine!!