Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh someone please help me!!!!!!!!

Victoria is on the move...and fast! She isn't officially 'crawling' but she rolls, scoots, spins...I am not ready for this! I would post pictures, but currently our mouse is broken...mysteriously overnight! So I have to tab through everything, and I am not doing so to post pictures! It is frustrating!

The easy thing would be to go purchase a new mouse...but we just got it. It is still under warranty. Besides, I haven't broken my challenge to myself of not spending any money this month besides on food and gas. Tony informed me we are out of paper towels...too bad honey, it isn't February 1st yet! Lets just hope that we don't run out of toilet paper this week! :)

1 comment:

Ellen said...

HA!!! Thankfully, web still free, even if you have to tab everything.

Curious to hear how your moneysaving experiment goes. I'll pray for tp to last.