Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back in the saddle...sort of.

I wish I had a horse.  Not sure where I could keep it, and I know that there was a horse running around my neighborhood this weekend after "Nemo" came for a visit.  But horses need horse food, and they poop.  A lot.  Although I am sure that all that horse poop would be awesome for my garden, who in the world could clean it all up?  I can't even get my kids to clean up dog poop or clean the cats little box.  Hell, I'm lucky if they can clean up their own poop!  I am still the resident ass-wiper, although we are now just down to one that needs it.  Ah such is life with motherhood...right?

So, this really isn't about horses.  I need to get back in the saddle again.  I need to get organized, again.  I need to start working out, again. I need to be a better mother, wife, daughter, again.  I need to eat better, again.  I need to sleep better, again...again, again, again. I keep waking up each day and saying 'Tomorrow will be the day' and guess what, tomorrow never comes.  Truly, it never comes.  So I need to make it today.  I am running out of excuses.  I'm tired, I'm slightly overweight, I have situational ADD (wish it was ADHD, as I might actually have some energy!) and I want my freaking life back.  I'm not depressed or anything, overwhelmed might be more like it.  I have a husband who works full time, as well as goes to school full time.  I am his secretary, his cook, laundress, seamstress, housekeeper, best friend and lover.  That is a lot of freaking hats.  Then I have the three kids...secretary, taxi, cook, personal assistant, runner, bank, scheduler, teacher, warden, hairdresser, nurse, doctor, and lets not forget resident ass-wiper.

I need a list.  I constantly make lists.  Lists that generally never get followed, but I have high hopes I can start following one.  I need it written out in front of me.  I need to see it.  I am tempted to post pictures as before/after...but only after the after.  So, here is my list:

  1. Take before picture
  2. Do 100 crunches/sit ups a day
  3. Walk at least one mile a day
  4. Restart the C25K program...or something like it.
  5. Have more sex.
  6. Get outside more.
  7. Organize and get rid of shit.
  8. Turn 35
  9. Take after shot.
I turn 35 six moths and 4 days from today.  That is my goal.  I have not a goal to reach a certain weight, look a certain way, or have a perfect house.  I just want to be comfortable in my skin, and have a house that I wouldn't be mortified if someone rang the doorbell.  

Here's to getting old!