Saturday, January 3, 2009

My largest project...the boys room.

So here are the pictures that have been promised...I am hiding under my chair right now. We have been in the process of moving for oh I don't know...3 + years! So I have chosen not to do much with their bedroom...but all of this is changing. I cannot stand this mess. I can't stand the disorganization. THIS MAKES ME MENTAL! I am hoping that Tony will help me with this today. We want to get Jacobs GeoTrax set up on the bench seat would think there was storage under there. There isn't. It is the ceiling to our bedroom. Hopefully I will get to post more pictures tonight of how clean and organized it is...or maybe later this week. I have a list a mile long today.
Here is my food diary from yesterday:
2 trader joes wheat free waffles with cranberry apple butter
1 pear
Spinach salad with tomatoes, orange peppers, red onion and shredded BBQ chicken that I made for Tony's sandwiches.
Cinnamon and sugar corn tortilla chips (I can't let them go to waste!)
Some sort of spicy indian dish with chickpeas, coconut rice and steamed sugar snap peas
2 trader joes chocolate covered bananas...these are actually low in calories...and I did need 2 for some reason.
Okay, I didn't do so well.


wildeyes said...

i'll trade your boys room for my girls room. hit up ikea, you'll get some god ideas for storage there. looking forward to updated pics.

Masked Mommy said...

Yay for cleaning!