Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the hell was she thinking?

My inlaws take the boys (and sometimes but very rarely the girl) every Saturday (something we sort of like, but wish it wasn't every Saturday...but more about that some other time) and take them to some sort of activity. For some reason, she decided she would take the boys to get their pictures taken with Santa. Today. Without their baby sister. Or their parents. Um, no.

"Oh look boys...we can go to this (Lighting the town Christmas tree), they will light the christmas tree and then Santa will come and you can get your picture taken with him!"


Me: "I don't think so...please think of a different activity, Tony will throw a fit!(I throw him under the bus as much as possible with his mother! Love you honey!)

MIL: "But why?"

ME: "Because that is our thing to do with them. It is our family tradition, and we would like to keep it!"

MIL: Very disturbed look on her face...

I know she is mad. But due to this every single Saturday activity with the boys, we never get to do anything with them. And this is our family tradition, generally we go get the picture, and then the tree. My inlaws always beat us to the punch on everything. But not today. It is so bad that the kids don't want to hang out with us anymore because we don't wine and dine them like their grandparents do. It is bad enough we are about to move in next door to them...I wish we lived further away!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...Jonathan and I ran out this morning bright and early to get a newspaper for the ads...I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow! I started Black Friday Shopping for the first time last year, I even brought Victoria with me, but this year the kids will be at home with Daddy! I know it is insane, but for some reason I love the chaos. And the thrill of actually finding a good deal. I have some presents to make, and fabric is cheap at JoAnns, so that is my first stop. Or maybe I might ransack the toy store first...who know!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband, who means everything to me. Without him I wouldn't be living my dream of being a Mother. And he is an incredible Dad. Love ya babe!

I am thankful for amazing boy with a heart bigger than anyone knows.
I am thankful for Jacob...he shows me some of the most intense love I have ever felt...and he is an incredible kisser.
I am thankful for Victoria...she has done something for me that I cannot even explain. She filled an emptiness in my heart that I didn't realize that I had.

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why is he so miserable?

I am at a point of total frustration right now with Jacob. He is a miserable human being. The sun can shine out of his ass and there is still this big looming cloud hanging over his head. It isn't as though he is never happy...because life is wonderful when he isn't thinking of anything. He can be smiling, laughing, and all kissy face one minute, then you ask him a question about something and he puts on this horrid depressed face and says he like nothing, no one, and he is going to do nothing. What in the hell is wrong with this kid?

I know that Jacob has always had a 'struggling' personality. He is a spirited child to say the least. And he has been since day 1. They couldn't even keep him on CPAP in the NICU because he was screaming so hard and loud. He had severe colic with food allergies and severe tummy problems. He cried. And cried. And giggled. And giggled. And giggled some more. One of those great belly laughs that he still has. And then he cried some more. And now 4 years later, he still does the same thing.

It makes me sad to see him so sad. I wish I knew what to make him happy besides giving in to his every want and need. As long as you do every single thing he says, he will smile. If you don't do it right, or heaven forbid you say out. He is so smart and funny, and handsome and charming...and miserable. Anyone have any bright ideas of getting him out of his funk permanently?

I remember going through this with Jonathan, but it wasn't as intense. I could generally walk away from him and feel okay about it. I am struggling with walking away from Jakey. We went to Jo Ann fabrics today to pick out some material to make him a duvet cover. He is sleeping with a Sesame Street comforter that my grandfather bought him from a garage sale a few years ago, and although he doesn't complain, I think it is about time he gets a big boy one. He wanted pirates. Great, easy enough. He was incredibly picky about what was acceptable, but we finally did find 2 fabrics. We brought it up to the counter to be measured...and there wasn't enough. Of either. I thought we could pick out some cool skull fabrics and make a border (this would have solved the problem) and he just wouldn't have it. Refused to even look at any more fabric. He just walked away. I was heartbroken. The women in Jo Ann fabrics were heartbroken. How can a 4 year old boy make everyone feel so bad?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The truth behind stretchmarks...

Stretchmarks. Those lovely little marks that many women get from pregnancy. If you have ever been pregnant, or are pregnant, or are thinking of becoming pregnant, I am sure that you have had your fair share of advice about how to prevent these lovely little 'badges' of motherhood. Let me just tell you. It is all bullshit. Yes, that is right. Bullshit. Rub cocoa butter on your belly. I did it. Made my skin smell good, and helped with the itchies, but I still got stretchmarks. I was destined to have them. My mother had them. My grandmother had them. When I hit puberty and my boobs guessed it. I got stretchmarks. So take my genetic predisposition to them...and add about 35 inches to my waist. Sorry folks, there is no cream that could help me. No million dollar miracle in a bottle could help my skin...and I hate to tell you, it won't help yours either. The top picture of me is when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Jacob...I couldn't even button my large size maternity jeans. And that shirt, extra large.
32 Weeks pregnant...I think I measured about 40 weeks here. I was big.

And the day before I delivered Victoria...with a normal sized pregnant belly...but in all its glory!
I can't say I love my post-babies body. If I could have some plastic surgery I am sure I would take a little tummy tuck to remove the apron of extra skin I have been left with (I know, wonderful image I just gave you isn't it!) and pull everything taught. But I am okay with it. This body grew 3 babies, birthed them, and fed them. What is a little extra sagging skin here and there? I just wish I never would have wasted my money on the cream!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Some fun ideas to make for gifts:


felt-playhouse This is Victoria's 2nd Birthday present...I will begin work after we move
For the garden of the above playhouse:


I will be back with more ideas...including my own gift I am making for myself...a breastmilk pendant. So excited for that!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Could I actually get back into this?

So after popping off my strong opinion once again yesterday, and being shoved in my place once again (although I do feel as though my post was VERY valid) on another blog, I have decided to keep my opinions to myself, and just blog about them. I am finding myself getting into 'cyber-wars' with others. Not because they don't agree with me (although I will admit it drives me nuts) but mainly because they, like me, often see things one sided. And as we all know, there are 2 sides to everything. I am trying my hardest to look at both. All the time. Yes, I know, good luck to me.

So my first topic to spout off and TV. I generally don't let my kids watch much television. But a little here and there isn't bad. When there is no school...the television is on a good part of the day. And Victoria does watch TV. Otherwise I would get nothing done. Including this blog post. As I write this, they are sitting in front of the television watching a Leap Frog video. Yeah for me and letting the kids watch mind numbing television while I surf the Internet. The stellar parent award goes to me!