Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you say FACEBOOK?

I have to admit...I am a little embarrassed. I just got a facebook account.

The hubby and I were talking yesterday, and he asked if I had people who were in my life that I no longer talk to and if I ever wonder what happened to them. Uh, yes. Who doesn't? So I start Googling! And I find I join. I type in a random name from my past, and who would have thought that person knew a bunch of people that I used to know? We are talking people that shouldn't know must be a conspiracy or something. Ex-boyfriends for goodness sake! So there I am now of new obsession!


Sarah said...

I got an account in college, when it first came to campus, and was OBSESSED. I haven't used my account for months, and it's kinda nice. Now that I don't use it very much I have no idea what all the new stuff is. I'm glad I'm free of my Facebook obsession. I hope you don't get too sucked in.

Cjengo said...

I am raising my guilty hand. I too facebook.........A LOT! Now I just found twitter...someone help!