Friday, February 27, 2009

Ever feel like a single parent?

First off...let me just say that single parents have it tough. I was once once (only because my husband spent almost 18 month in Iraq) with only one child. It isn't an experience I ever want to do again. The above picture is of him in Iraq. Look how skinny he was! But anyway...

Do you ever feel like a single parent although you are not? This is honestly how I generally feel. Not because my husband doesn't ever help me, but because he works, and he works a lot. Long hours, tons of overtime, just so that I can stay home with our children. It has always been a priority for us to have me stay home with our children, especially after Jonathan. Who would take him to all his appointments? What about therapy? That in itself was a full time job. Anyway, Tony does work his fingers to the bone, it is a sacrifice. But one that does have its price. I generally have to do everything alone. Kids appointments, just me. Getting all three kids and myself out the door at 7:30 am Monday thru Friday, all me. Grocery shopping, laundry (although he really isn't allowed to do choice) 90% of the housework, along with all the cooking, bathing, dressing, teaching, butt wiping, diaperchanging duties. It is me. I do feel like a single parent. He tries, but he can only do so much with his schedule. Until now...

HE IS HOME THIS MORNING! His schedule at work has FINALLY changed, and I have a little help. He was telling me this morning what he would like to accomplish today, and it includes heloping me! We are doing some spring cleaning! He is dropping Jonathan off at the bus stop! I will get to go grocery shopping today! I now have a partner in crime again! (he did used to have this schedule...until he changed employers...he is a power plant engineer and had to start over at the bottom...YUCK!)

So this is for all you single parents out there! I feel your pain! Now all you non-singles that feel that do YOU do it???

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Ellen said...

I feel your glee! I am glad you have the hubs around to help you. You need a break (um, if you consider going out and doing grocery shopping a break)!

Dave used to travel lots, but he doesn't anymore, so I still feel like there's two of us, although he has had a lot of "networking" events at night lately—meaning, he hangs out with people from work, eats and drinks!!!