Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My brain has a cramp.

No really.  It hurts.  It has been hurting.  My blog posts reflect that.  Not that I am some ridiculously talented writer or anything, but I generally think of myself as a bit witty, but in recent posts all of that has been gone.  It isn't that nothing crazy or funny has been happening in my life, every day is full of that.  I just can't seem to write it down.  I started this blog for various reasons, mostly I want to be able to keep my kids antics connected with family that lives far away...which is EVERYONE.  It has served as a sort of personal diary, something maybe the kids can look back on someday and laugh.
Maybe I need more sleep.  I have a newfound addiction to television shows from Netflix...currently it is Dexter.  My love for forensics is returning.  I need some curtains on my windows too...now that we have moved and our house seems to be lit up by the street lights and the lights in the harbor.  We didn't have street lights before.  Or the coast guard lights.  Or any lights.  It was dark.  And private.  Not like our current but absolutely lovely fishbowl we now live in.  We designed the damn house...I never thought about window treatments or street lights.  I laid in bed last night and looked at all my lovely windows.  There are 9 of them in my bedroom alone.  NINE.  On 2 walls.  What in the hell was I thinking?!??!  The view is great...the sunsets are phenomenal.  But I never considered the damn street lights.
I think we are venturing to Ikea today...

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