Friday, June 25, 2010

I think I have recovered!

Or I am at least on the mend.  I met Tony after work on Wednesday and we decided to buy some kayaks.  He passed his final test with a 98, so it was time to celebrate.  After moving into our house and seeing all the boats and kayaks in the harbor, it was most certainly time!  So we both got one, and we even got one for Jonathan.  The kids were ecstatic and could not wait to get them in the water!  It was all Jacob talked about yesterday.  So when Tony got home from work, we went out.
Jonathan enjoyed the first 2 minutes before he was done and ready to go back.  Don't be fooled, the boy was tethered to me.  He only lost his paddle once, thank goodness they float!  I refused to let him quit, so he kept on paddling.  We were going against the current, and the tide was still on its way out, so it isn't like it was the easiest thing to do in the first place.  But I will give him credit, even though he complained almost the entire way, he did enjoy himself, and he kept trying.

Tony had Jacob in his kayak, and I had Victoria.  The two of them really enjoyed it.  Well, for the most part.
This picture doesn't even look like my daughter, but nevertheless it is.  We had just turned around and started to head back because some storms were moving in, and to be honest, we have no clue where the salt marsh comes out to the river.  The rip tide is pretty nasty there, a place that I most certainly don't want to get caught in with my kids let alone myself.  But we had a blast!  The coolest part is when the tide is in, we can literally walk across the street and dump the boats in the harbor!  I can't wait for that!

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