Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reality Check.

I have muscular dystrophy. There. I said it.

Yesterday I was moving hay bales and I am paying for it this morning. I generally don't have many symptoms of it, except when I do some sort of strenuous activity. I have what they call Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. I got booted out of the Army in week 5 of basic training because my body was failing me, and this was my first clue. It took me the birth of both boys to actually see a doctor to find out what was going on. Generally after childbirth you feel like you got hit by a mack truck for a few days. Well, my truck hit me, ran me over a few times, and kept coming back to run me over some more. Instead of taking a few days to be on the mend (mind you, childbirth for any woman takes quite some time to recover from, but I am talking just the ability to get up and move) it takes me a few weeks. I remember struggling just to hold the boys. When Jacob was 4 weeks old I had a muscle biopsy done, it came back abnormal, so the doctor wanted to do a muscular dystrophy blood panel. I remember hearing him say that, but I don't think it registered. And then I got the phone call. Yes, I found out, on the phone, that I had muscular dystrophy. He told me the exact name of it, asked me if I had any questions, and said to go back and see him once a year. Nice. Real nice.

Needless to say, I have not been back. I successfully gave birth to another child, but did it without the use of pitocin (yeah for natural childbirth!) and my body responded a bit better. I don't need someone to tell me how I am doing. I think I am pretty good at figuring that out for myself. I have already been told that there is nothing I can do to make it any better, he pretty much told me that it won't kill me, but I may be wheel chair bound at some point. Yay! Thanks for the good news! Maybe the 11 year age difference between my husband and I is really a good thing! Motorized scooters, here we come!

On a good note, I am going to be calling my doctor to see if I can have insurance pay for massage therapy...I will let you know! ;)

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