Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodness me...3 days in a row!

It is a record! Yay for me.

So with all this darkness that seems to be running rampant lately, I want to share some good. Tonight is pizza and movie night in our house, nothing better than homemade pizza and curling up on the couch with the kiddies!

Jacob finished with preschool yesterday. He made some really big strides and we saw some huge changes in him since we switched his preschool. The first one he was at was horrific. He would scream and cry every time we would drop him off, and home life sucked big time. The teacher pretty much told me I was raising a psychopath and he needed some psychiatric intervention. His new preschool teachers...they think he is WONDERFUL! And ridiculously cute to boot! He goes to an 'old school' school. They learn completely though play and experimentation. When I picked him up yesterday the handed me a HUGE folder pasted full of pictures of his 6 months there along with all his cool art work. He cannot wait to go back in September. This school is incredibly awesome...if you are in my area and want to know more about it, please let me know.

Jonathan got a 10 on his spelling test is amazing what a bribe of ice cream can do! We are still incredibly proud, we just really wish he would WANT to learn, not want a trip to the ice cream store. Oh well, it is a start right?

And my Victoria. I cannot believe she turns 2 in 2 short weeks. Actually, 13 days if you are really counting. We are 14 days into an exposure to chicken pox...I am sure hoping she gets them. Jacob too...and then hopefully Jonathan. But more on my insane parenting practices later. If they do come down with them, you can be sure that I will let everyone know, and be the cruel mom and post pics. I need proof anyway for the doctors office so they won't give me shit about not vaccinating them.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Marathon Princess said...

I'm guessing you didn't vaccinate any of the kids for chicken pox, did you get crap from the dr about it? I think that vaccination is kind of worthless, we all survived it. I'm just worried if I don't give it to my kid she won't get exposed until she's an adult and have a harder time with chicken pox or I'll have issues with school.

Sorry for rambling. Not to start a vaccine debate, but did you do the other vaccines?

Sarah H said...

Jen, email me if you want to get in depth about vaccines. We have done some, but have since stopped. I am planning a blog post about that soon...especially if the kids get the pox!