Friday, June 11, 2010

Breast milk is more addicting than heroin.

I find it rather amusing that people around me don't realize that I am still nursing V.  Yes, my baby turns 2 in a week...actually 6 days if you are really counting.  And yes, I am still breastfeeding.  With no end in sight.  I nursed the boys for about 2 years each, and to be honest, I don't remember them nursing as much as V does.  The girl loves her milk.  And I mean she LOVES her milk.  If I sit down, she is right there with me asking for it.  ALL.THE.TIME.  And in the middle of the night...she always wants to belly up to the bar and get drunk.  ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  We attempted night weaning a few months back, only to end up with a stomach virus where the only nourishment she was getting was from me, so we went back to full on all night milk bar.  And then I exposed her to chicken pox and I thought that if she was sick and not feeling well that her milk would make things better.  Well, no chicken pox, so we started night weaning again 2 nights ago.  Whoa.  Psycho girl!  Thank goodness it was cold and rainy, as I am sure if the windows in the house were open the police would have certainly been called by the neighbors.  Can you say blood curdling screams?  For about 2 hours?  Last night was a bit better...hopefully tonight will be no complaining.  I am in the market to get a full nights sleep, and I hope that I get it soon.
And for those of you wondering...I am not sure when I will be weaning completely.  Right now there is no need to, and I am not ready to give up the ability to put my daughter to sleep quickly.  Nothing like nursing a baby to like a charm!  That and I really don't want her to go through too much withdrawal at once! can anyone tell that girl no?!?!


Lindsey Whitney said...

Good for you!

john said...

Actually milk has casein in it, which is broken down into opiate like compounds. You can google it for more info.