Monday, November 24, 2008

Sleep is for losers.

Tony and I have been joking the past few weeks that we are more sleep deprived now than we were right after we had Victoria. And it is true. But it isn't like we are up watching a movie, or even having a little fun between the sheets. It's the kids. One of them seems to ALWAYS be awake. Whether it is midnight and we are awakened by a screaming voice saying "I HAVE TO PEE" which would be Jacob who won't come downstairs and go to the bathroom unless we carry him, or maybe it is the sound of elephants tromping through our house and then the inevitable door slam and the whisper of "I'm scared and I had a bad dream" which would be Jonathan. And then we have what Tony calls the circus act. Once again, it isn't he and I doing acrobatics, he says it is Victoria and I. We co-sleep with our kids as infants. We do have a co-sleeper set up next to the bed, which Victoria does sleep in, but after she wakes up for the first time in the night to eat, I pull her in bed with me. I am not going to sit up and breastfeed her, and then put her back in the co-sleeper and then go back to sleep. I would be exhausted. It is much easier to put her on the boob lying down and fall back asleep. She just takes care of business herself and falls back into a nice slumber. But Tony says it wakes him up, and keeps him awake. Hmmm...this must be why I always hear so much SNORING from his side of the bed. I have never really known why men say they don't snore, or deny sleeping when you hear the undeniable sound of sawing logs.

Oh well, at least we women know the truth about snoring. And you can't fake snore...he has tried it. This was his lame attempt once at not getting up to take care of one of the kids. He just got kicked even harder then!


Ellen said...

As you know, we're all about the family bed! I think it's amazing how you just kind of get used to the sleep deprivation (until you really stop and think about it, and then wham! It hits you like a ton of bricks). But, you're in the thick of it now, with a baby and two boys. It'll get better! Remind me not to have a third kid, OK? Ha, ha.

Bridget said...

We missed you guys today for the Brenda/Jordan/Brady/Ryan/Kevin playdate. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Hang in there.