Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm ssssssooooooo hungry!

Meet Victoria. Isn't she beautiful? I am absolutely in love with my beautiful baby girl. And I am desperately hungry. My beautiful little girl turns not so beautiful if I eat certain dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, pumpkin, beef...that is what I can think of at this current second. My diet consists of: chicken, vegetables and the occasional rice or quinoa if I feel like cooking it (which is RARELY!) It is the holiday season and I want egg nog from our milkman, I want fudge, cookies, mashed potatoes and gravy. I want it all, and I can have none of it. Boo-hoo.

Most would say to just put her on formula. I told myself after Jacob that I would never again starve myself for my child. Then it happens. Again. And I refuse to give her formula. Yuck. For one, she won't even take a bottle of breast milk, how is she going to take a bottle of yucky stinky formula? Second, formula is just that, yucky. Fake baby milk. It should (in my opinion) be labeled: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Now I know that in some instances, formula is the only option. But not in mine. The formula she would likely be on is something called Neocate. I was a nanny for a little boy that was on Neocate. It is a gray color. It stinks. And it tastes really really bad. I just couldn't do that to my baby. My sweet, sweet baby. That and I would feel totally guilty that I breastfed her brothers for 2 years a piece, and stuck a bottle of yuckiness in her mouth.

So I am hungry...anyone want to feed me totally allergen free food???


Ellen said...

Welcome to blogland! Good for you. It only took me, oh, two years to start mine! Victoria IS beautiful. And, while I think breastmilk is best, it wasn't realistic for me to keep it up, and so the kids got formula.

I'm sorry she's a picky eater, so to speak! What is the pediatrician saying?

jamie said...

after milo was born he was in the nicu so i had to pump....and they thought he had a milk protein allergy for a bit, so while i was coming off dairy they gave him nutramigen..omg, it was so gross, and smelly, and he HATED it! and it was really hard to eat dairy free, i honestly never realized how many foods had dairy in turned out he didn't have a milk allergy and i only had to do it for a month...but i really feel for you because i felt so deprived and hungry that month! hang in there.