Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love my husband, I really do...

I am a terrible wife. My husband tries so hard (most of the time) to help me out and make life as wonderful as he knows how to. He works hard, long hours so that I can stay home with our children, he never balks when I spend $25 on ONE diaper, he doesn't really complain about much besides maybe my housekeeping skills. We have had a crazy and occasionally bumpy 7+ years together. I have been pregnant or nursing basically since we started dating, so he has always had to share me. He stuck with my through really bad post-partum depression after I had Jacob. He highlighted my hair for me, and then dyed it pink. What a guy! I could go on and on.

So last night when he came home from work, he walks in the door with a dozen roses, and he searched for something that I could eat, something special from him. And all I could do was give him a dirty look. You see, I was cleaning up puke. Yes, lovely puke. Sick kids do wonders to ruin the mood. Jonathan was sick with a nasty cold since Friday, and by Saturday evening at the dinner table, he starts puking. Poor baby. Meanwhile Jacob is whining, and Victoria is screaming. And my husband has not walked in the door yet. So I put Victoria in the swing, strip Jonathan of his pukey clothes and put him in the shower, and start to clean up the undigested food on my table, chair, and floor. Yes, he is good and can hit multiple surfaces. Yuck.

I did eventually get my flowers put in some water, and managed to give a hug and a kiss and say thank you. But the moment was totally ruined. I'm sorry honey...try to think about Mexico. Someday we will make it back there!

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